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Fake police fines

Ignore scam emails with fake Police fines

Emails are being sent by scammers hoping to dupe West Australians into paying fake traffic fines.

Originally Consumer Protection and WA Police have received numerous reports from people who have received the emails which look authentic but are bogus.

Scammers are also pretending to be from Queensland Police. The latest email address comes from “winne au fines” c.wetzel@gmx.com which is not an official Queensland police email address which usually ends @police.qld.gov.au. 

Real traffic infringement notices are either given on-the-spot or sent by post.

WA or Queensland Police do not send infringement notices by email or text so don’t be fooled into clicking on any links, making payments with credit cards or providing any personal or financial information to the scammers.

The real infringement notices contain much more detail about you and your vehicle as well as information on the day and time of the offence and, in some cases, photos from cameras.

The scam email just has a generic offence and a fine total and an invitation to click on a link to get more information about the offence. Do not click on the links and delete the email immediately!

If you unsure you can check whether an WA traffic infringement is real by visiting the WA Police website and click on the infringement tab or call the police on 9374 4555.