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Institute of Experimental Research (I.E.R) Professor Kensington

Institute of Experimental Research (I.E.R) Professor Kensington

Test tubes with brightly coloured liquid in them (purple, green, yellow, blue, pink and orange)Some cases you can count yourself lucky for someone always helping you to financial freedom - but if you have the team at IER (or IEF) on your side your luck has turned sour!

The Institute of Experimental Research a well known institution to ScamNet, are at it again. 

This time they are sending out coupons for a ‘FREE’ three month trial of their Lottery Success system.  If you don’t win at least AU$200,000 you will be able to ‘recover’ the money you paid.

So how can it be a free trial yet you have to pay for it? You have to pay $50 plus another $5 for shipment. If something looks like a scam and sounds like a scam then it is a SCAM.

The IER are sending out the material on behalf of mathematician Professor A Kensington.

Professor Kensington presents a tidy package including a personalised letter, and six page booklet and a small brochure.

He writes to you to tell you he can help with your financial problems by using his mathematical system to beat the lottery.

The second line of the letter says it all “I shouldn’t have written this letter to you.” Took the words right out of our mouths.

Then he says “If I give out 100 copies of this method, only 20 people will give their opinion but this will already be very positive for the professor”.  Firstly talking about yourself in third person is a little strange and secondly, if 100 people all sent $55 for the program of course it will be very positive for the professor.

Apparently even the ‘press’ has talked about the system - we assume under the headline of Warning this is a scam!

The professor really tries hard to grab your attention by saying it is only available for a short period of time and then after that the booklet will no longer exist. 

If you read this and instantly thought it was a bit fishy we would have to agree with the final line in Professor Kensington’s letter “I can only congratulate you for making a rapid decision.”