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Madame Arachnea and her psychic Swiss spider

Madame Arachnea and her psychic Swiss spider

Madame Arachnea's spider ensnares your winning lottery numbers - or you will be condemned to hell for ignoring the letter.

Just complete the "Form to eliminate your negative Karma and ensnare your 6 marvellous A black spider on a white backgroundfigures to win a minimum of $275,000 on the Lotto!"  And send $99 to Taylort in Lausanne.

You see, Madame Arachnea ("The Spider Woman") had a premonitory dream that if you conducted her 7 Karmic Elimination rituals, and if she threw six live, pre-consecrated, flies into her numbered spell-web (the one in her "occultum"), then her magic spider will ensnare your winning Lotto numbers. 

This is how I proceed: I have to catch the same number of (live) flies as you have winning numbers (i.e. 6 in all). Then, I have to "consecrate" each fly, by attributing to each of them one of your figures which I say aloud (verbal transmission).

After, one by one, I have to "throw" each of these flies into the spider's "spell web". Then I have to perform a very special incantation. The mysterious spider will then head magically towards each of its "winged prey".

In this way it will "ensnare" each of your figures...  In "sacrificing" each of these flies, the spider will immediately "transfer" your figures into a "halo of golden, luminous rays".

Oh, please!!

Let's quote her alternative:

You prefer to "put up with things" and let your bad Karma "destroy" you...your money problems and bad luck which will get worse and worse to such an extent that their weight will literally crush you!... It's what we call: a descent into hell...Is this what you really want? Is this really "your choice" ??...

Oh yes, there's more:

Thanks to my occult powers, I promise to help you to rid yourself "once and for all" of your negative Karma, and thus find freedom.

For an each-way bet:

I am praying for you, that it won't be too late and that you make the "right decision".

Naturally, this psychic spider did not foretell how many of Madame Arachnea's letters would be sent to WA ScamNet.  Or maybe the spider tricked her with its own web of deceit? 

We also think her proposal for a "Karmic Elimination" should be taken with a dose of salts.