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WA Scam Warnings

  • Fake massage chair and scooter websites
    Fake massage chair and scooter websites

    WA ScamNet has received a number of reports from consumers who have tried to purchase massage chairs, mobility scooters and children’s scooters from various websites, and never received the products.

  • Fake bulldog puppy website
    Fake bulldog puppy website

    Pet-buyers are being warned about online puppy scams - French and English bulldogs puppies being the latest. 

  • Fake Suzuki Outboard Motor Website
    Fake Suzuki Outboard Motor Website

    A scam has been reported where clients are losing money on a fake website selling Suzuki outboard motors for extremely discounted prices.

  • Ealid recruiters
    Ealid recruiters

    “Ealid Recruiters” are fleecing job seekers of their cash for supposed police checks and uniform rental.

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Wise up to scams


At least $229 million was reported to government as lost to scams in 2015 with older Australians losing the most money to investment and romance scams.  It's time to wise up to scams! 


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