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Report a Scam

Scam reporting is vital to catching scammers

Do you think you have been scammed? You should report the scam to a government agency so you can find out  about your rights and options. Different agencies deal with different scams. Here is a list of who deals with what

Where to report different scams

Financial and investment scams
including those involving superannuation, managed funds, financial advice, insurance

Australian Securities and Investments Commission ASIC: online complaint form or phone The WA Police

Tax scams
or identity theft involving tax file numbers

Australian Taxation Office: Verify or report a scam or phone 1800 008 540

Scams from overseas or interstate
including false billing or chain letter scams

Australian Consumer and Competition Commission or WA ScamNet

Scams from Western Australia

WA ScamNet

Spam emails

Australian Communications and Media Authority ACMA: how can I report spam Spam emails that request your personal or banking information should also be reported to your bank (only use contact details that do not appear in the email).

Fraud, theft and other crimes

The WA Police

Not sure what type of scam it is?

Contact WA ScamNet for advice.

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