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WA Scam Warnings

  • Fake profiles: Captain Thomas Steve
    Fake profiles: Captain Thomas Steve

    A WA woman has lost more than $10,000 in an online romance scam after a fraudster used stolen social media images to pose as a ship captain called ‘Thomas Steve’.

  • Fake Outboard Motor Websites
    Fake Outboard Motor Websites

    WA ScamNet has received reports about a number of fake websites selling cheap outboard motors.

  • Cute pics but no puppies - puppy scams
    Cute pics but no puppies - puppy scams

    Beware of fake websites and social media accounts that claimed to puppies, leaving buyers out of pocket and without a dog.

  • Scam targets vehicle sellers
    Scam targets vehicle sellers

    Scammers are targeting consumers selling cars online. These scams usually work by getting you to ‘refund’ a scammer who has sent you too much money for an item you are selling or to forward the additional funds to someone else to cover costs such as shipping.

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Bushfires equals fake charity scams

Seeing the recent bushfires is horrifying for most of us and we just want to help somehow. But unfortunately scammers see it as an opportunity to impersonate charities, or create fake charities. 


fire blazing though bush with Warning Bushfire charity scam copy


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