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Reclaim scams

Reclaim scams try to convince you that you are entitled to a rebate or reimbursement from the government, a bank or trusted organisation.

How this scam works

The scammer approaches you with a false claim that you are entitled to a reimbursement or rebate, such as for overpaid taxes, bank fees or some sort of compensation. The contact may come by mail, telephone, email, text message or social media.

They will pretend to be from the government, a bank or trusted organisation, and will ask you to make a small initial payment to cover 'administration fees' or taxes, in order to claim the amount owed to you.

If you hand over your money, you will lose it and not receive any rebate.

List of Scams

  • Scammers posing as the law

    Scammers aim to make you act quickly without thinking first and play on your fear of the law. 

    Court subpoenas and fines are emailed by scammers posing as members of the law. 

  • Department of Human Services Phishing Email Scam

    A number of phone calls have been received in regards to a possible email scam appearing to be from the Department of Human Services.

  • the Interpol logo
    Interpol name linked to scam

    A recent scam we’ve uncovered at WA ScamNet uses the name of one of the world’s most respected and largest police investigative agencies, Interpol, to try to trick people into parting with large amounts of cash.

  • CIA logo
    CIA Email

    The United State’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is warning computer users to delete any unsolicited email purportedly coming from its public affairs office.

  • Black cap with FBI written on it in white letters
    FBI Email

    The FBI has sent you – YOU – an email claiming it has been monitoring your Internet use and you have accessed a number of so-called illegal sites.It wants you to open an attachment and answer a list of questions. Do NOT open this attachment because it contains variants of the W32/sober virus


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