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Financial services

Scammers take any opportunity to lighten consumer wallets. In loan or financial scams, they attempt to take money from investors or from people in desperate circumstances who are least able to afford it. 

Consumer Protection has received reports from a number of people recently who have fallen victim to personal loan and investment scams and have given personal information which could lead to identity fraud in the future.


List of Scams

  • Example of the fake text message
    Prudent Financial Services

     A text message, coming from the number 0424 842 099 and offering loans from ‘Prudent Financial Services’ is a fake. Don't be fooled by this scam.

  • A brown leather saddle on a white background
    Advanced Financial Services

    Saddle-up for another “Canadian prize award cowboy” letter.

  • An employment add circled in a newspaper
    Athens Financial Group Ltd

    The same pitch, the same website and the same scam. The only difference between Athens Financial Group Ltd and Israeli Brokerage Services Ltd is the name. The email is a reworked version of the Israeli Brokerage, Norway Consulting, Global Austrian Syndicate and UK Modulus Invest money laundering scams.

  • A pile of gold jewellery on a white background
    Greystone Financial Services

    “This is an official notice from the International Cash Payment Centre. Do not disregard. Read carefully. Acknowledge promptly,” the letter from Greystone Financial Services reads.

  • A hand holding a pen pointing to sums with a calculator in the background
    I.M.M.A Financial Services

    I.M.M.A Financial Services wants you to join their list of winners.It claims you are the winner of $15,000.With all the effort these scammers have put into the slick presentation letter, you would think they could come up with a better name than “the International Institute of Anonymous Billionaires”.Maybe they are hoping that if everybody falls for this rubbish, they will become billionaires themselves!

  •  The Israeli flag
    Israeli Brokerage Services

    Add a dash of GAS and a pinch of Norway, and you’ve got the latest money mule scam called Israeli Brokerage Services.

  • a pen writing on a check
    Supreme Financial Services

    The cheque for US$10,000 enclosed in a letter from Supreme Financial Services says ‘this is not a valid cheque’.  It’s not a valid offer either.


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