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Accident Helpline

There is a new variation on the ‘Accident Helpline’ scam with callers now falsely claiming to be from a legitimate Western Australian legal practice, and then requesting information about a recent car accident.

A representative from the legal practice advised that they were contacted by people who received calls from the scammers, but then called them to check on the authenticity of the request for personal information.

They advised that the scammers had referenced an old address for the practice and that the phone number being used (08 6102 0427) did not belong to them, plus they were aware of a fake website being used as part of the scam.

WA ScamNet is working to have the website shut down as we believe this is a phishing scam with the potential for identity theft if the target provides the requested information.

As with any out-of-the-blue phone call, where you are offered something you weren’t expecting, take the following steps:

  • Do not give any personal information about yourself or family;
  • Ask for the caller’s name, the name of the business or organisation they are calling from, and for a phone number to return the call. Write all of these details down;
  • Carry out some independent checks, such as searching the details online as this is usually a good way to reveal that something is a scam (do not use links or website details provided by the caller); and
  • Call WA ScamNet on 1300 30 40 54 if you need any further advice.