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Chemist Warehouse survey

Fake chemist surveyChemist warehouse survey offer

If you receive an unexpected survey invitation and the chance to receive free products, keep your cards close to your chest – especially your credit cards.

WA ScamNet has received reports of a fake online questionnaire claiming to be from both Priceline and Chemist Warehouse. People receive a link to the survey via a text message, which may even appear to be sent by a friend or family member.

The link goes to a website featuring Priceline or Chemist Warehouse branding, where participants are invited to answer a few questions about their buying habits. They are then offered free health and beauty products – and even an iPad – if they pay for shipping and handling.

In reality, it’s a “phishing” scam designed to steal credit card details and personal information.

If you have received a text message or email like this, do not click on the link. Delete the message straight away.

If you have completed the survey and signed up for the goods, contact your credit card provider and WA ScamNet immediately

Tips to avoid phishing scams:

  • Do not open or click on links in suspicious or unsolicited emails (spam) or text messages – delete them.
  • Look out for signs that a website may not be genuine, including spelling errors, low-resolution images or an address that is unusual or different from a company’s authentic website.
  • Never enter your personal, credit card or online account information on a website that you are not certain is authentic.
  • Get in touch with the legitimate company, using its official contact details, to check if an offer is genuine.

See our pages on Phishing and Unexpected prize and lottery scams for more information.