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Department of Transport (DoT) scams


Scammers pretending to be Department of Transport (DoT)


We have had a number of reports of a scam email which 'spoofs' the Department of Transport. 

Our advice is to delete the email from your inbox (without opening it) and then empty your deleted items. If you have opened the attachment within the email you need to run a virus scan and may need to seek assistance from a local, reputable technician.

Phone call

A caller, claiming to be from DoT, asks for insurance/personal details over the phone. The scam may also involve automated calls asking customers to respond to a survey.

In one instance the caller, not from DoT, asked to visit the person at their home, to view personal documents.

DoT never cold calls customers for their insurance policy details or to request survey participation. DoT already has other personal details and wouldn't need to phone to ask for them.

Further information relating to identity checks may be found on the DoT website.

If you think you have received a fraudulent phone call, please alert WA ScamNet at Consumer Protection: 1300 30 40 54 or wascamnet@commerce.wa.gov.au