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Bulldog puppy classifieds scam

Bulldog puppies are the subject of puppy scams yet again. This time, these highly sought after pups were advertised for sale on Trading Post.


Trading Post - English bulldog puppiesbulldog Trading post advert

WA ScamNet received a report from a consumer who responded to an advertisement on Trading Post for English bulldog pups.

The consumer paid $2100 via bank transfer. The advertisement indicated that the puppies were near Perth Airport but when the consumer was speaking with the ‘trader’, they said they were in Karratha. The consumer has friends in Karratha, who visited the property and no one was there selling puppies.

The post has been taken down by Trading Post and no further reports have been received.


Tips for buying a puppy

For tips on buying puppies and other pets, see Consumer Protection’s guide to buying a pet. The RSPCA also provide the Smart Puppy and Dog buyer’s guide, which suggests visiting the place where the puppy was born and meeting the puppy’s parents.