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Mining & Resource Media fake invoice scam

haulpakPeter Noel Anthony Sorenson and Construction Mining & Resource Media and Mining & Resource Media

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe today issued a warning to businesses and the general public not to deal with Peter Noel Anthony Sorensen and the business entities Construction Mining & Resource Media and Mining & Resource Media.

Mr Stowe said the business names were being used in a false billing scam targeting the mining sector. Fair Trading is investigating.

“False invoices have been sent to more than 50 companies nationally seeking payment for non-existent advertisements allegedly placed in mining-related publications including Australian Mining and Resource Journal, Australian Mining & Construction Journal and Australian Energy and Resources Journal,” the Commissioner said.

“NSW Fair Trading has discovered the publications named in the invoices are fictitious. False invoices in the possession of Fair Trading carry a purported authorisation of an officer of the mining company and request payment by electronic funds transfer to bank accounts of the two entities.

“Invoices request payment within 14 days, following which company account departments are contacted by a man who threatens the company with disclosure and recovery actions if payment is not made.

“The business names Construction Mining & Resource Media and Mining & Resource Media bear the same ABN, which belongs to Peter Noel Anthony Sorensen.”

Mr Stowe said the scam had resulted in and may continue to result in serious consumer and business detriment involving considerable sums of money.

“It is believed that more than $300,000 has been scammed so far and more than 100 invoices have been issued,” he said.

The fictitious publications known to be used by Mr Sorensen included the following: National Minerals and Mining Journal, Australian Mining and Resources, Australian Mining and Energy, The Mining Industries National Review, The National Resources and Minerals, The National Mining Review, The National Minerals and Mining Journal, The Nationals Minerals and Mining Annual, The Mining Industries National Review Annual, Australian Mining and Energy Annual, The Minerals and Mining National, The National Resources and Mining Annual, The Australian Mining and Minerals Construction, The National Resources and Energy, The Resources and Mining National, The Minerals and Mining Guide, The Nationals Mining and Energy and The Mining Industries National Review.

Commissioner Stowe urged businesses to carefully check invoices for services provided to ensure bills are from legitimate entities and payments are made for real services or products received by those businesses.

“False billing scams rely on businesses processing claims without too much interrogation. Failure to check expenses carefully can result in businesses getting ripped off,” he said.

Protect yourself from directory and advertising (false billing) scams

  • Make sure the business billing you is the one you normally deal with.
  • Always check that goods or services were both ordered and delivered before paying an invoice.
  • Never give out or clarify any information about your business unless you know what the information will be used for.
  • Try to avoid having a large number of people authorised to make orders or pay invoices.
  • Never agree to any business proposal on the phone: always ask for an offer in writing.
  • If you are unsure about any part of a business offer, ask for more information or seek independent advice.

You can read this article in full on the NSW Fair Trading website.

Article courtsey of NSW Fair Trading.