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A laptop computer with an open CD drive (with a CD in it); the screen has an image of a mountain scene. Google Cash

An offer of paid work for typing from your home computer can be very tempting, but beware – it could be another scam to actually take money from you!

WA ScamNet received a complaint from a Perth consumer in March about a ‘Google Cash’ advertisement being run on the popular Internet site, Facebook.

The consumer said four amounts of money had been taken from her bank account without her knowledge after paying an initial postage fee and handling fee for a ‘starter kit’ which never arrived.

Attempts to contact the trader to cancel the subscription had failed.

WA ScamNet compliance officers investigated, and found the ‘work from home’ scheme highly suspicious, with a number of similar complaints on blog sites.

The trader’s trail is well hidden, with links through phone routing services in Europe.

The Australian administration for www.google.com.au has indicated they are not affiliated with the Google Cash program and they do not endorse it.

Facebook administration has advised they will review the content of the reported advertising as it appears it is contrary to the Facebook standards.

Beware of these types of work from home schemes.  A scammer will often be lurking!