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Lemonade diet

Lemonade diet

3 lemons on a white backgroundThis offer popped up on fax machines all over town saying it had taken America by storm, had changed lives and could be used to:

  • Lose weight

  • Recover from sickness

  • Clean out your system

  • Build body tissue

  • Dissolve body toxins

  • Keep skin young

  • Relieve pressure on nerves

All you had to do to take up the offer was call a 190 ‘fax back’ service for a guide to be faxed to you.

The fax call costs were $5.50 per minute and the sender’s machine could be set at a slow speed to drag the call out.

Previous fax-back complaints have indicated some calls have cost consumers up to $100 per call due to the number of pages, usually of worthless information and the slow speed of the sending fax.

190 fax retrieval systems that charge per minute are not illegal provided they comply with relevant  Communications Regulations and show their name and the cost per minute in their material.