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Stolen Credit Card

Scammers using stolen credit cards targetting retailers

WA Police are warning retailers about scammers using stolen credit cards. 

Shop owners are being urged by Consumer Protection and WA Police to be extra vigilant when taking orders over the phone or by email, with criminals using stolen credit card details to purchase expensive items by providing false names.

They either use couriers or hire vehicles to collect the goods and are well and truly gone by the time the fraudulent credit card transactions are discovered, leaving the retailer out of pocket.

How this scam works

  • The card holder often claims to be over east or out of state.
  • They contact the retailer via phone and email purporting to be someone needing a gift or similar and give credit card details over the phone.
  • They then supply a false name and phone number and arrange collection.
  • On a couple of occasions the person has made an excuse as to why they cannot attend in person to collect the item and arrange for a courier or truck to collect the purchase.
  • If they do attend, they often use hire cars or utes.
  • Because there is a time delay between the purchase and the bank identifying the fraudulent transactions.
  • Once the bank is aware of the transaction, they recover the funds immediately from the retailer and the retailer is then left out of pocket for both the stock and the payment.

How to prevent being scammed

Retailers should be vigilant and protect themselves from these types of scams by: 

  • Always obtain full particulars (name, address and phone numbers – if possible independently look up the address and phone numbers provided  to confirm you are dealing with a real person ).
  • Ask for photo ID and copy it if necessary. 

If you have been scammed, please report it online to Crimestoppers or call 1800 333 000.