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American Property Bureau

American Property Bureau

Official-looking cheques for US$10,000 from American Property Bureau have been turning up in letterboxes across Australia saying that your claim number has been selected to receive this money, once you send them the A$33.49 transaction fee.

The letter goes on to say that the cheque will then be delivered promptly and safely by courier.

Microfilm bar codeThe letter appears to look genuine, with barcodes, stamps and the certified agent office logo and appears to have been typed out in typewrite font. The cheque comes with an issuance and delivery docket, ready for you to complete your credit card details and send back.

You would only realise after reading the exhausting terms and conditions on the opposite page that to participate, you need to follow a number of intricate steps. TA logo

This still doesn’t mean you will win the prize though. In fact you actually only have a one in 125,000 chance of getting the money. So you are actually paying $33.49 to enter an overseas lottery!