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FedEx Courier Services

FedEx Courier Services

An example of a  scam emailGlobal US freight company FedEx is the front used by overseas scammers to relieve recipients of amounts up to US$300 in this Advance Fee Fraud.

One version of the scam lures recipients into paying a delivery fee of US$285 to FedEx to receive a MasterCard credit card with a spending limit of $500,000. Once personal details are emailed to a third party, we assume the scammers will provide you with instruction on where and how to send the fee.

Contact details for this scam list a gmail.com domain email address and a contact person, Mr Smith Hughes.

Another twist on this scam tells recipients a bank draft in their name for US$800,000 has been cashed by the non-existent Bank of Africa, The US$300 ‘delivery’ fee can be sent by contacting the scammer who, we again suspect, will provide further details of how and where it can be paid.

Contact details of this scam include a phone number in Nigeria and the name of the contact person, Mr Anderson Kunle, who can be reached at a hotmail.com domain addresses.

ScamNet strongly encourages you to ignore any request to send money, email or phone the fictitious FedEx representatives and report any further communications received to Consumer Protection.