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International Shipping Depot

International Shipping Depot

International Shipping DepotInternational Shipping Depot claims they are holding a package worth US$540 for you.

The package contains a custom-crafted 5-piece matched Gucci leather set or “other luxurious designer leather accessory”.

So which is it – Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Prada, or the other designer names they mention in their letter?

To release the package, it will cost you US$34.99.

Read on and you’ll find that this is yet another product promotion offer.

International Shipping Depot claims to act on behalf of a global leather marketing company.
ISD also claims to be the trademark of an international catalogue company, which has been serving customers since 1990. If that is the case, why not name the catalogue company? Wouldn’t that give ISD more credibility?

And what about the clause in the letter that states ISD reserves the right to substitute items of comparable value?

Do you really think you will get a US$540 Gucci leather set for US$34.99?

Do you really think that Gucci, Chanel and Prada or their distributors would be involved in a promotion like this or resort to contracting a company in Hicksville, New York, to help market their products? I don’t think so.  Have you ever known Gucci or Prada to discount their product by this much?

And why would you want to pay for something you have not seen? You probably will get a product but we do not think it will be genuine.

Be aware that this offer is also being peddled on the Internet.