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Amy Palmer

Who is clairvoyant Amy Palmer?

  • Is she the kindly grandmotherly figure, pictured on the letter, who wants to save you from evil and give you money?

  • Is she a true visionary who can save you from "vultures" and other shady financiers who want to strip you of your wealth?

  • Or is she a trademark of the marketing company, Promo Direct, who wants you to spend good money on useless numerological and other psychic paraphernalia?A pink crystal ball on a gold stand

There are no winners in this game because the answer is C.

Promo Direct have pulled out all the stops with the Amy Palmer series of letters. Ignore Amy's letters and you'll receive a letter from SOFT (The Society for the Organisation of Fund Transfers) urging you to respond to the other letters.

They even send you a copy of "Win to become and remain a millionaire for life - The runes to make your fortune" as a show of good faith.

SOFT and Promo Direct have already featured on WA ScamNet and this promotion is no different.

The Amy Palmer letters make out that you have won big money. While there is a prize draw for $45,845, the rules are convoluted and confusing, and WA ScamNet has never heard of anyone winning it. But everybody wins the secondary prize called "wonderful checks (sic)" which are actually discount vouchers to purchase other useless "get-rich-quick" schemes.

Typically the letters will ask you for a processing fee (normally about $50) and in return you'll receive items like the Octagonal Magic Talisman and the Cosmic Money Attractor.

In one letter, the fine print states: "This document is purely for publicity purposes presented in an attractive way. Amy Palmer recollects that this document does not contain any firm offer. The aim of this game is to promote the sales of numerological studies and esoteric objects..."

In another letter, Amy Palmer's personal guarantee certificate states: "All my work and visions are guaranteed". Directly underneath the certificate is a disclaimer stating that this letter is a commercial proposition, the photo is non contractual, and "we cannot be held to any "obligation of results". So much for Amy's guarantee!

The return address on these letters is The Netherlands.