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Angela Almera

Angela Almera

Angela AlmeraClairvoyant Angela Almera, from the Netherlands, is retiring and wants you to be the very last person she is ever going to help to become a winner.

In personally addressed letters, Angela claims you are experiencing urgent money problems. But she can use her psychic powers to help you win one of the biggest September lottery jackpots.

Angela claims she has already provided 177 winning lottery numbers to people and is world famous.

She claims to have appeared on television and radio, and some experts call her the “Greatest Psychic in Europe”.

But when we did a search for her name on the Internet, the first item was a warning from the New Zealand Ministry of Consumer Affairs about her.


Angela claims that she can pick your lottery numbers by performing a very powerful magic ritual, which will enhance your winning potential.

“I will then travel telepathically to a parallel universe and ask the Astral Powers to give me precise information about future events”, she writes.

All she asks in return is $67 to compensate her for her time.

Of course Angela is no different from any other psychic scam.

Don’t be fooled by the personally addressed mail. The material had been bulk mailed from overseas and thousands of others have probably received the same letter.

All we can say is “please retire Angela and stop trying to fleece people of their hard earned money”.