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Angele and Angelina

Angele and Angelina

An illuminated manuscript style drawing of an angel in a yellow archwayAngele and Angelina may call themselves the “two angels of light”. But WA ScamNet refers to them as the “evil duo of disappointment” because that’s all you will get if you respond to this letter.

The Swiss pair claims to have received your distress call and immediately started concentrating on you. But they had to interrupt their work to come to the rescue of a child who was being attacked by evil forces.

After an incredible hard fight – “almost bloody” – they saved the child and destroyed the forces of evil.

Now they want to save you. They claim someone has cast an evil spell on you and is trying to influence you negatively.

What an incredible story! Too incredible! Yes, that’s right - it’s just a load of nonsense.

Send $65 and the “evil duo” promise to carry out a spiritual purification ceremony and pray for you for 91 days. But wait, there is more. You will also receive a complete parapsychic report and your lucky numbers and dates.

The pair claims to have been awarded the title of “Great Clairvoyant of the Century”.

Shame WA ScamNet can find no mention of it during an Internet search. Maybe the title came out of a cereal box!

And if they were such great clairvoyants, why did they send a letter to one female consumer addressing her as “Mr” throughout the entire letter!!

This is only one version of their letter. There may be other versions peddling similar claims.

WA ScamNet advises you to give this duo the heave ho.