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Angelique de Succes

Angelique de Succes

A number of tarot cards laid out in a fan ( the fool, the moon, the queen of wands, the sun and the ten of cups)“You are one of the 12 people whose vibrations match the secret” so says clairvoyant Angelique de Succes in a personally addressed letter.

Hang on Angelique, what about the hundreds of other Western Australians you have sent the same letter to? Are they also part of the chosen 12? 

Angelique can reveal to you the “most important secret in the world”. Why pay $65 to Angelique when WA ScamNet holds the key to this secret – it’s a SCAM.

Angelique uses the mystery of the Rennes-Le-Chateau and its priest Abbe Berenger Saunieres to hook the gullible in.

Abbe Berenger Saunieres was a poverty striken priest who became wealthy overnight. He discovered a series of parchments which were Latin descriptions of passages from the Gospels. Some maintain the parchments contain the secret of the Golden Chalice and the Holy Grail which resulted in his great wealth.

When he died, he supposedly passed his secrets and personal effects to his housekeeper and lover Denise Denarnaud.

And, guess what, Denise happened to be Angelique’s aunt.

Angelique claims her aunt told her the parchments contained the secret “Ritual of Wealth” which can only be shared with 12 “chosen” people.

And that’s where you come into it. Send Angelique $65 and she’ll send you the secret of the Golden Chalice.

All you will get for your money is a trinket, a computer generated letter, and instructions on how to perform the ritual. We suggest you save your money.