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Angelo Da Vinco

Angelo Da Vinco

A black burnt tree in the middle of a bush fire, the rest of the image is completely engulfed in fire.Clairvoyant Angelo Da Vinco wants to protect you from worldwide danger and disaster – at a price of $56.

“I must reassure you straight away. You have nothing to fear from all these worldwide disasters which seem to be multiplying, for you will be protected,” he states.

“If you listen to me carefully, you will also be able to protect those around you and your loved ones. For you will be the only few people in your area to benefit from the great change of polarity instead of suffering from it.”

But Angelo da Vinco, who will protect us from scamming fake psychics like you?

This appalling letter is trying to scare you into handing over your money.

War, Islamic fundamentalism, uncontrolled immigration, riots in the suburbs, worldwide economic collapse, tsunamis and cyclones all get a mention in this horrible letter.

“Events are accelerating. We only have two weeks to put the essential protection in place. . . In two weeks, I will no longer be able to protect anyone from disasters and attacks which will affect the whole world,” Angelo writes.

If the world is about to be destroyed, what is the use of Angelo’s one-year money back guarantee?

Angelo states that you can not only escape from these disasters but also benefit from the chaos to inherit a life of money and happiness. In fact, his protection will ensure you will obtain all the money you need and you will be loved and respected.

Great, he wants you to profit from the suffering of others! And what is the use of love and respect if your friends and relatives have fallen victim to war or a natural disaster!

Angelo maintains he is the heir to the gift of pure clairvoyance from the Da Vinco family. We just think he comes from a long line of scammers and scaremongers.

Read the fine print and it states that this is a commercial proposition. It also states that the identities and photos are not legally binding. What does this mean? We suspect it’s just some legalise to mask the fact that Angelo doesn’t exist and is a figment of the warped imagination of a scammer.

This is just one version of Angelo’s letter, there are other versions doing the rounds.