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Antonio Divito

Antonio Divito

Can four little dolls bring you a “beautiful life full of material wealth, permanent prosperity, wild happiness and radiant joy”?

Can four little dolls bring you “the kind of beautiful romantic life you see in the movies, nurtured by tenderness, sincere friendship and absolute love, which you share with somebody very dear”?

Maybe they can – if you believe in Guatemalan legend of the worry dolls.

However this letter from Antonio Divito, promoting the magical powers of four little dolls, is pure fantasy.

Antonio Divito claims to be an occultist, world-renowned archaeologist, visionary prophet, and director of the Divito Institute of Lugano, Switzerland. He even claims to be a descendant of Marco Polo (I hope Marco Polo isn’t rolling in his grave at this use of his name).

The Divito Institute doesn’t exist and we could find no reference to a world-renowned archaeologist by the name of Antonio Divito.

However the “worry dolls” do exist. According to Guatemalan legend, each night before you go to bed, tell your worries to a worry doll. When you wake up in the morning, your worries will be gone!

Antonio Divito claims the Divito Institute is the only institution authorised to distribute the famous “worry dolls” (magical dolls of happiness) of Guatemala for the princely sum of $46.

He even states that his institute has nothing to do with the vulgar “statuettes and other dolls available in shops on the Internet”.

Antonio Divito must be living in dream world because we found lots of websites selling the dolls for as little as $2 a set of six – including sites whose products are sourced from members of the Fair Trade Federation.

The Fair Trade Federation is an association of businesses committed to providing fair wages and good employment opportunities to economically disadvantaged artisans and farmers from developing countries.

Antonio Divito is a typical psychic postal scam that seeks to prey on the vulnerabilities of people for the purposes of making money. Don’t become a victim!

If you do want a set of worry dolls, you may want to consider purchasing them from FTT members. This way, even if the legend isn’t true, you have at least made life a little better for a poor family.