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Bon Po

Bon PoTibetan Buddhist monks emphasize spiritual growth over material wealth or gain. So why would a genuine Tibetan monk try to sell you a prayer wheel solely designed to make you a multi-millionaire through games of chance?

This is a scam of enlightening proportions.

A personally addressed letter arrives in your mail from Bon Po. She claims to be a great Tibetan specialist in the Hindu occult sciences, the prayer wheel and mandalas, and is one of the very rare female lamas.

Bon Po claims: “You are the person chosen by 1000 Tibetan monks in 100 Lama monasteries to benefit from the Prayer Wheel and the Big Money it will enable you to pocket”.

Each year, Bon-Po brings 77 Prayer Wheels from Tibet. She has only 9 left and she wants to offer one to you.

The Prayer Wheels have been specially prepared to bring extreme wins. She has foreseen $70 million and other big wins awaiting you over the next year.

“You will have second homes by the sea with a pool and an integral tennis court! You will have never-ending holidays. You will have shopping trips in the most beautiful shops in the biggest cities. You will have luxury sports cars and limousines” and so on.

To receive your Prayer Wheel, you need to fill in the “Lama Express Form” and send either $56 or $80 within “four moons (96 hours)” to an address in Switzerland. Should we point out to Bon-Po that four moons is actually 112 days!

This letter is full of coloured photographs of monks and monasteries. I’m sure these people would be horrified to learn that their images are being used in this way.