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Cabinet, Gerson and Moris

Cabinet, Gerson and Moris

An antique oil lamp with dark blue smoke.This is the genie of all scams. It’s just a shame we can’t rub the bottle and make it disappear.

Cabinet, Gerson and Moris (CG&M) claim to be financial counsellors for billionaire Yvan Nelson.

Yvan Nelson wants to take advantage of new tax laws and is offering you an all expenses paid trip to Monaco, staying in a splendid palace for seven days.

According to CG&M, the new law says that if a billionaire offers a gift worth a minimum of $25,000 to a private individual, he can deduct double the amount from his taxes. By offering you a $25,000 trip, he can deduct $50,000 from his tax.

And there is more. Yvan Nelson wants to give you the Genie of Games of Money, which made him a millionaire. An elderly Japanese man, who took pity on the orphaned Nelson, gave the genie to him as a small child. Yvan Nelson is such a generous chap that he will also throw in the Genie of the Casinos.

All you need to do is send him $55 to $75 to become rich beyond your dreams. CG&M also wants you to provide your telephone number so Yvan Nelson can contact you direct to arrange your Monaco trip.

Yvan who? We can’t find any reference to this famous billionaire in an Internet search. This is despite CG&M claiming that Nelson has given interviews and had articles written about him in financial newspapers. It’s very easy to fake a newspaper clipping.

And don’t believe that the beaming man in the picture is Yvan Nelson. It could be anyone!

This brings us to our second question. What country would introduce such ridiculous tax law? The letter gives no hint so you can’t verify anything.

So what will you get for your money – probably two worthless booklets on how to win at games of chance?  We wouldn’t bet on you receiving a free, all expenses paid trip to Monaco trip!

WA ScamNet strongly advises you to put the stopper on this genie bottle and under no circumstances provide your credit card details, signature or telephone number to these scammers. If you do provide these details, you could be opening a Pandora’s box!