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Christie Owen

Christie Owen

Christie Owen

According to Christie, you have been selected to be the recipient of “Special Grand Celestial File of Fortune and Good Luck called Good Fortune at the click of the fingers”.

If you send Christie $53 ($61 for priority delivery), you will receive the “Special Grand Celestial File of Fortune and Luck” plus the “Special National Talisman for Luck in all games”.

For a total cost of $91 ($99 for priority), you will also receive “Winning Numbers for the Lottery”.  This gift has come from William, who before he died, passed on to Christie a strange secret capable of breaking the bank at any gaming casino.  Wow, lucky she wrote to you from out of the blue.

Fine print conditions inside the envelope make it clear that the aim is to promote and sell the company’s products.  It states there is a competition with one winner of $8500 or a piece of “valuable” jewellery.

The conditions also state that Christie Owen cannot be held responsible if the campaign or the prize are postponed, modified or cancelled.  Christie Owen also reserves the right to cancel the present competition without awarding any damages to the participants! 

This seems a very strange way to run any competition.