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Countess Maria Romanova

Countess Maria Romanova

Image of letter from Countess Maria RomanovaCountess Maria Romanova has your best interests at heart, or so she would have you believe.

Why else would a Countess – declared the world’s best medium six years running and a consultant to celebrities and stars – be writing to you? Most people seek her out.

Maria explains that she is on a mission to help not just the rich and famous, but those going through difficult times.

So when a friend of yours contacted her to tell her you deserved a lucky break she felt compelled to write and share with you the visions she received just on hearing your first and last names.

If you follow her advice she promises good fortune will be heading your way – a $128,000 win followed by a $148,000 windfall, possibly in the form of an inheritance or repaid debt.

Maria, born with the gift of “pure clairvoyance” and “presumed to be a direct descendant of the Romanov dynasty” also foresees romance and personal fulfilment for you – and if Maria has seen it, it will happen, her letter assures us.

In fact Maria has many testimonials from satisfied customers, although she hasn’t felt compelled to show them to you.

But the fortune will be all Maria’s if you fall for this brazen scam, which is similar to a number of other psychic rorts operating around the world.

For Maria’s advice you need to send $110 to a post office box in the Netherlands ($125 if you pay by credit card). In return you’ll receive her “spiritual help for luck” and a “magical gem” that will “protect you and bring you good fortune”.

In fact for a further $10, she’ll even send you a Personal Lucky Charm, reserved especially for you.

This, she says, will come in handy, for anybody who plays games of chance.
Maria tries to convince you that she’s doing you a favour, not just by offering you services normally reserved for the rich and famous, but also by offering them to you for just half her normal fee.

Countess Maria describes her luck and fortune secret as infallible and “guarantees” the accuracy of her predictions, or your money back.  But don’t rely on it. Take Maria’s advice and the only thing you can be assured of is that you won’t see your money again.