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Esmeralda Wicca

Esmeralda Wicca

Esmerelda WiccaEsmeralda Wicca, from Switzerland, promises she can supply the numbers needed to win Lotto.

She will supply you with 18 numbers to win $20 million for just $85; or 12 numbers to win $10 million for $70; or six numbers to win $5 million for just $55. She will also give you her necklace of “Wicca well being”.

Before you send off your money, Esmeralda asks that you lay your left hand on her letter so she can do your “cosmo-telluric analysis”.

Like all psychic scams, Esmeralda claims to have had a vision which revealed your name and address. She makes no mention of the mailing list where she really got your name.

She also urges you to send off your palm-print and your money within 48 hours before the prodigal numbers lose all their power.

“I await your news with impatience before I set off for the Great North,” she writes.

We wish she would head off to the Great North and stop sending out these letters.

Psychic scams often instil a sense of urgency to get you to send off your money before you have second thoughts or a chance to check their claims. Never respond to these letters and never give out your credit card or any other personal information to scam operators like Esmeralda.