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Friedrich Mueller Gift Distribution

 Friedrich Mueller Gift Distribution

a tropical island in the middle of a light blue sea“(You) –
Don’t HESITATE to respond:
Your guaranteed GIFT
is ready to be shipped!
But it will become invalid if you miss the deadline – and you
fail to request it. You are 100% guaranteed to receive one of
these gifts:”


Mr Mueller asks you to choose which of the gifts you prefer. Remember, you have already won one of them:

A new Kia Rio, a furnished kitchen, a $9,000 savings account or a 9 day cruise in the Bahamas for two.

Just send $50 for shipping, handling etc to Mascot in New South Wales – Investigation by the NSW Department of Fair Trading has found that replies are immediately redirected to Austria.

The fine print for this offer is in grey on the inside of the envelope! Wow! The promoter apparently expects 50,000 responses from nine countries. There is one each of a car, a kitchen and a savings account to be won. But everyone who enters wins the “cruise” (six hours each way) plus eight nights’ accommodation – but is responsible for airfares to and from Florida.

Oh yes, “Entrant agrees to the storage and transmission of his personal data for promotional reasons to other service organisations, unless otherwise requested.”

Bargain! Going to America shortly? For $50 and a limitless supply of future promotional mail for the old pot belly stove, try your luck. Or just send the material to WA ScamNet.