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Gabriel D'Angelo

Gabriel D'Angelo

Bronze Chinese coin Gabriel d’Angelo is a prolific psychic scammer producing a variety of different mail-outs designed to con you out of your money.

Gabriel claims to be an extra-lucid clairvoyant with paranormal phenomena. He personally knows your situation and has foreseen great monetary wins – but only if you purchase his magical talisman and good luck charms.

In fact, you are just a name on a mailing list.

In one letter, he states: “For a long time now, disembodied entities (the souls of certain people who have passed on) have taken possession of me to make revelations… An exceptional force, from the soul of a dead person with a personality that was out of the ordinary, took hold of my hand to direct it … It decided on the message to be transmitted without me being able to control it …”

And what did the dead hand propel Gabriel to write – you don’t need to be psychic to guess that it was a big win for you. And how do you access this big win – via Gabriel’s “polaris sensor”.

Another letter claims that Gabriel has chosen you “and you alone from thousands of others to receive this Hidden Treasure, totally unknown to the rest of the world”.  And what is this “gift from heaven” – it’s a celestial money stone.

Gabriel’s return mail address is c/o Ariella, CP 243, CH1213 Petit Lancy 2, Switzerland.

Don’t fall for Gabriel’s phoney promises and worthless trinkets. One Australian consumer who did, and sent off her money, received a letter from Quarantine saying the parcel Gabriel sent contained a satchel of soil and couldn’t be released until she paid $42.50 to have a gamma irradiation treatment! Now that is something Gabriel didn’t predict!