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Helena Bright

Helena Bright

For a token $29.90, Helena Bright, a graduate of the renowned World Institute of Applied Para-Psychology and a flash medium clairvoyant since birth, promises you will win so much money you will not know where to put it! You have been chosen. 

In this scam based out of the Netherlands, Helena urges recipients not to waste a second and reply (Cash, no coins please, cheque or credit cards can be sent to a post-box address in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) within 48 hours to receive:

  • six winning lottery combinations for $29.90; 

  • six winning combinations plus a Golden Scratch card for $34.90; 

  • six winning combinations plus three other supplementary combinations
    for $37; and 

  • nine winning lottery combinations plus a Golden Scratch card counter
    for $39.90.

Helena freely admits the $29.90 in option one is going to payback a Frenchman, Brian Mylord, who discovered the right combinations needed to win 90 million euros in six months.

This particular scam also requests recipients’ date of birth, mobile phone number and an email address which, we guess, might be sold to some company harvesting such details for other scammers to use. The fine print conditions give permission to use your information, unless you state otherwise.

We believe you should guard these details carefully in any transaction and never give them up to an unsolicited invitation.

Helena persists again with a similar scam on different advertising materials, and recipients are generously offered the chance to be fleeced using four different payments options:

  • more than $90; $90 (this would save three animals Helena says); 

  • $76 (this would save one animal); and 

  • a minimum $46.

Recipients for both scams are told they can choose whatever sum they would like to win, and if you win less you will be reimbursed (how much, when or even if we are not sure).

Helena might have a heart of gold in wanting to pay her mate a slice of the action, but we reckon you would be better off leaving this scam well alone.