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Ilian Gabriel

Ilian Gabriel

You have been invited to join “The Secret Community of Money from Sumer” which apparently will result in you receiving a “shower of money that rains into your life”.

According to Ilian Gabriel, Great Initiate of the Secret Community from Sumer, only members of the Community have “access to secrets of formidable efficacy to make riches burst forth every step you take”.

Apparently the Sumerians have mysterious powers, which destroy harmful waves and increase the effects of the positive forces of luck and money, meaning you will win in games of chance.

Ilian’s letter states that you can only become a member of this strictly controlled Community when another person leaves. You were chosen because you possess high moral values, are honest, courageous and deserving or so the letter states.

However you must solemnly swear to respect the oath of the Community including never revealing the existence of the “Secret Community of Money from Sumer” and never talking about your “personal cosmic Sumerian numbers”.

Just send off $40 within 48 hours to receive your “Secret Free Gift” and “personal cosmic Sumerian numbers”.

If you send off your money, the only “community” you will be initiated into is the “Community of Scam Victims”.

And don’t worry about keeping the oath of secrecy because Ilian Gabriel certainly hasn’t. This same letter and invitation to join this “secret” Community has been sent to thousands of other people whose names were harvested from a mailing list. Your name was on that mailing list.

This is a typical psychic scam letter with a Netherlands return address. While the Sumerians did exist, Ilian and “The Secret Community of Money from Sumer” is a work of fiction designed to entice you into wasting your money on dodgy “lucky” numbers.

The fine print states that the letter is a commercial proposition and the photo of Ilian is non-contractual. It goes on to state: “By the very nature of this offer in which the conviction of success is primordial by the user, we cannot be held to any “obligation of results”.”

If you do send off your money, we are convinced that this scam operator will pass on your details to a host of other scam artists who will bring a shower of scams that will ruin your life (and bank balance)!

We suggest you join a Community that can save you and your friends’ money by ensuring you don’t fall for scams like this. Join the “Community of WA ScamNet Contributors” by sending us suspicious emails, letters and faxes so we can alert others. Click here to find out more.