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Magic tools: a pink candle, wooden and crystal wand, pentagram, tarot cards, crystal and a bell on a purple background."The Association for the Control of Efficacy of Clairvoyants"

Clairvoyants now have an association to govern how good they are?

Wow. Not before time too, given the fact that up until now stuff you’d get in the mail from them would just be a scam to cheat you out of your money.

Oh, hang on, the Association for the Control of Efficacy of Clairvoyants certainly sounds very impressive and official, and the letter you get from them has a picture of a M Bernichet, who after all is its ‘official representative’, and there’s an ‘official’ stamp on it, but…

…all that’s pretty meaningless when you think about it. Anybody can get this kind of stuff printed up – crests and stamps and signatures and all, marked as being from an association that doesn’t exist.

So don’t be fooled. The creation of an impression of being ‘official’ and legitimate is a standard trick of scammers.

The letter may describe the association as “unanimously recognised as one of the greatest independent associations of Parapsychology”, but they would say that wouldn’t they? They’ll say anything to get you to send them money.

And “unanimously recognised”? Unanimously recognised by who exactly? They don’t say.

Then there’s Jivana, the Indian clairvoyant and medium, who oddly isn’t just known, she’s “affectionately” known, as the “Maker of Miracles and Diamonds”!

How much would you like to bet WA ScamNet that she is a real person? But we don’t want to take your money, unlike Jivana, we want you to keep it.

Jivana says she has been chosen to “save you” by offering you the “Sacred Money Fossil” (whatever that is, she never quite gets around to telling us).

But for a price, (there’s always a price), in this case $40.

But hey, what’s $40 for you to get the Sacred Money Fossil? There’d only be one right?

But this letter is being sent out to thousands of people and each of these people is being offered the Sacred Money Fossil – for $40 of course.

It’s a scam. Put your money in the bank, it’ll be the only real saving here.

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