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Johann Christensen

Johann Christensen

Johann Christensen

You are one of four people Swiss Astro-numerologist Johann Christensen has chosen to pass on the secret of great wealth.

If Johann knows the valuable alchemic secret and is such a generous soul, why does he need to charge $32 to share it with you?

That’s right. This is another pesky psychic scam.

Johann Christensen claims that he only reveals the secret to a select few (four people) a year. They are guaranteed to win between $10,000 and $30,000 three times a month, every month of the year.

The secret was discovered by fifteenth century French alchemist Nicholas Flamel, who supposedly made the Philosopher’s Stone which turned lead into gold.

Johann claims he chose your name from a list and providence instructed him to write to you.

WA ScamNet believes Johann has been reading too many Harry Potter books (in particularly Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) and this letter is a work of fiction.

Johann did pick your name from a list – a mailing list which he purchased, probably from another scammer.

If Johann really did know the secret to great wealth and has already made enough money to live comfortably, why does he want to charge you for the secret? Why can’t he be charitable and give you the secret for free.

Why does he want you to pay by credit card and to provide him with your birth date?

If you respond, you are confirming your name and address, providing your credit card details and birth date which can be on-sold to other scammers and organised crime groups.