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Krysto De La Tour

Krysto De La Tour

Krysto DeLaTour letter

Krysto De La Tour has been extremely busy. This self described ‘jade-eyed clairvoyant’ and medium, operating out of Switzerland, is a prolific letter writer, and he has been targeting Western Australians with predictions of true happiness, success, and unimaginable luck!

He’s also offering to help achieve this fantastic future with a few trinkets and a detailed forecast of things to come. 

In the last year alone, he has offered Western Australians the Energy Stone for $51, a torque bracelet (including a $20,000 Celestial Cheque) for $49, and the Mumie Contract and Living Crystal, also for $49.

And he hasn’t finished yet!  Krysto has made another $49 offer.  In his letters he claims he’s had a revelation in a supermarket, and has written out a cheque for $60,096 in the recipient’s name!   Supposedly, the name has appeared to Krysto in a prophecy – presumably the Western Australian address too!   He’s even photocopied his cheque as proof.  How thoughtful!

Krysto tells recipients of his letters that he has used their name and date of birth to partly complete a ‘Divinatory Numerological Analysis (DNA) that confirms an amazing destiny ahead.  To complete the DNA, he just needs $49 ($59 for fast delivery), plus a name and birthdate.  But hold on – doesn’t he already claim to know this information?

Without needing to access either your money or personal details, WA ScamNet can also predict your future.  Respond to this persistent shyster, and you’ll be ripped off.  Throw any letters you receive from Krysto in the bin, and ensure your money is safe from him!