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L'Assemblee Des Anges (The Assembly of Angels)

L'Assemblee Des Anges (The Assembly of Angels)

Do you believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus or the Easter bunny? If not, you shouldn’t believe in The Assembly of Angels on earth either.

Your personal angel has supposedly been at your side all your life, watching over you and trying to talk to you, but you did not hear.

Your angel has tried whispering but you supposedly did not hear. So now your angel has written a letter addressed to you.

For the angel to communicate with you it requires precise astrological rules that must be met. Communication can only happen at precise moments and you must learn the ‘angelic’ words to raise the barrier that separates the visible world from the invisible world.

All will supposedly be revealed and you can ask for whatever you want. Even the ‘angelic protector’ is available, which protects those who possess it from all kinds of terrible events that will take place to shake the world.

All is explained – the writer is an angel on earth. To receive protection, happiness and perhaps some luck in winning a huge prize, you just need to act within 48 hours.

To get in contact with your angel you are asked to fill in a form confirming belief in the power of angels with a cash, cheque or credit card payment of $65.90 to an Amsterdam address. The scam letter also asks for other details such as your birth date and place of birth, mobile telephone number and email address in return for other benefits.

The fine print confirms that this is no angel talking, but the offer is a commercial proposition and that any information received can be used by third parties. Never provide these types of details to people you don’t know.

We recommend that you decline the offer and ask to be removed from their mailing list.