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Lady Mary

Australian money spinning down the drainLady Mary swears that you will be the only winner of the Super Jackpot of $6 million dollars on a set date.

It’s a shame she has sent out exactly the same letter to countless other people. Maybe we are all meant to share in lots of $6 million jackpots!

Lady Mary claims she has proof that you will win. She has had one of the greatest clairvoyants in the world, Bryan Schneider, check her numerology forecasts.

Never heard of Bryan Schneider? WA ScamNet can’t find any reference to him either. But according to Lady Mary, he is a member of the International Academy of Numerology and personal medium of B.G., the richest man in the world.

Lady Mary has three of your lucky numbers but needs further information including your date, time and place of birth to come up with the remaining numbers.

Why doesn’t she just use her psychic powers? Why do you need to tell her and what will she really do with that personal information?

Once you provide this information, she will perform the “ancestral fire ritual” and then the “special full-length occult intervention”.

Send $50 and you will also receive your “full-length personal wealth numerologist reading” and her personal “Celestial Stone”, a sapphire that her father gave her.

And just to prove that your luck is changing, the letter contains a notification that you have won a $30,000 cheque.

Of course, it’s all just a sham courtesy of the black-hearted Blacktacos mail order sales company. To see our listing on Blacktacos, click here.

The winning ticket number for the $30,000 was pre-selected before the mail-out began and the chances of you having it are very slim indeed.

The “super prize cheque” you have “won” actually refers to the secondary prize that all “winners” or people who respond receive. And the super prize is discount vouchers worth $22 for Lady Mary’s “Lifelong Lucky Talisman”.

Read the fine print and you’ll discover that this is just a commercial promotion to flog the “celestial stone”. If you really want a sapphire, we suggest you buy one from a local jeweller who can verify its authenticity.