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Loria Peterson

Loria Peterson

A number of tarot cards laid out in a fan ( the fool, the moon, the queen of wands, the sun and the ten of cups)Loria Peterson is going to guide you, shoulder you and help you for 122 days – for free.

In fact, she will offer you another gift of $31 so you only have to pay $40 for the rare materials used for the “high polarisation positive action” ritual. That’s a total saving of $1,704.

With “friends” like this, who needs enemies!

“I have seen that you have been the victim of a pro-blockage-negative influence,” writes Loria. “This has destroyed your psychism (sic) of luck. It is therefore impossible for you to have any luck … and it has been like this for several long years. Because of this, you attract problems to you like a magnet attracts iron.”

Loria claims she can fix all this and bring you luck, the joy of living and money by:

  • Every day at the propitious astral moment, carrying out a high polarisation positive action to eliminate your pro-blockage-negative influence.

  • Four times a week, when the sun is at its zenith, carrying out a positive re-magnetization which will result in lottery wins.

  • Over 37 days she will work an action called Protection-for-life to ensure you never fall victim to an evil spell.

  • She will send you her “Secret of Winning Easy”.

To carry out all these rituals, she needs 17 minerals from Brazil, 7 fragments of magnetised basalt rock, 7 Peruvian plants, 7 pentacles from Madagascar and 7 special luck igniters. Supposedly that’s why your $40 is needed.

In fact, all Loria Peterson needed to perform this scam ritual is a computer, a printer, a mailing list, credit card facilities and a vulnerable consumer.

Don’t be that consumer. Loria Peterson has got your name from a mailing list and knows nothing about you.

This is only one version of a Loria Peterson letter. There may be others.