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Maestro Zhandler

Maestro Zhandler

"Protection, Wealth, Joy in Life and Happiness as well as Good Fortune!"

Mr M. Zhandler, the Grand Master of Western Occultism, makes this amazing offer promising "you will attract money like a magnet attracts iron".

Zhandler claims it’s his "mission" to pass to you the Great Secret of Fortune of Imhotep, the Egyptian. He says that just like the rites of Ancient Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs, the financial power of the ‘Great Secret’ passes through 3 stages:

  • The Initiation – you will learn how to receive the rewards due to you;

  • The Confirmation – opening your Universal Force, your Astral and Energetic Force that will allow you to attract money, happiness, friendship and love;

  • The Mastery – that will allow you to turn your wealth into a "colossal fortune" while protecting yourself from misfortune and moral poverty.

Enclosed with the personally addressed letter is extra "proof" in the form of an Ancient Astral Configuration of Imhotep and a four page feature of this most famous of non-royal Egyptians.

All you have to do to secure the privileges of the Great Secret is return the acceptance form along with $49.

Be in no doubt the Grand Master Zhandler is indeed a grand trickster!