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Maina Saha

Maina Saha letterBack in 2006 Mala Devi had just come back from the famous ‘Kumba-Mela’ pilgrimage with the only 17 Bracelets of the Sages with 14 magical powers left.

Could it be coincidence that now in 2009, Maina Saha has returned from that very same pilgrimage with the 17 remaining Bracelets of the Sages with 14 magical powers? Not likely.

In 2006, the ‘Sage of Sages’ Shri Lahamma called Mala Devi was ‘the most powerful clairvoyant that the world has ever seen’. Poor old Mala has been demoted, and according to Shri, Maina Saha is now ‘the most powerful clairvoyant the world has ever seen’.

Who’s Shri Lahamma? Good question. Apparently he’s the absolute and undisputed master of all holders of positive magical secret powers. As if.

He’s certainly not a master of logic. There are 17 bracelets left on the first page. You are one of 38 privileged people chosen by Maina to receive one. Then on the last page, there are only 11 left. If they knew when they sent the letter to you personally that there were only 11 left, why didn’t they just say that up front? Make up your mind Shri.

Of course, the bracelet is absolutely free. They’re only doing it out of the goodness of their heart because they care so much about you. Well it’s not free and they don’t care. You end up paying $50 for the magical formula to be instilled and you’re part of a mass mailout.

As for the 1825-day guarantee, it’s about as genuine as the photographs and testimonials from Gina Delago and Lucy and John and the certainty that this will save you from your devastating torment.

The guarantee ‘written in black and white’ says ‘the harmful forces, which imprison you, will break away. That is for certain.’ The only thing that’s for certain is that that you’re being conned. Read the letter and you’ll notice the formula ‘cannot work if you are not sufficiently motivated.’

You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to predict that this is a scam.