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I.M.M.A Financial Services

I.M.M.A Financial Services

A hand holding a pen pointing to sums with a calculator in the backgroundI.M.M.A Financial Services – the International Institute of Anonymous Billionaires – wants you to join their list of winners.

It claims you are the winner of $15,000 which will be transferred into your bank account once you have paid $50.

With all the effort these scammers have put into the slick presentation letter, you would think they could come up with a better name than “the International Institute of Anonymous Billionaires”.

Maybe they are hoping that if everybody falls for this rubbish, they will become billionaires themselves!

Read the fine print and you’ll find this is just another competition aimed at confirming your details.

There is only one major prize of $60,000 (made up of two payments of $15,000 and $45,000). The second prize is $2 and runner-up prizes of $1.

WA ScamNet has never heard of anyone winning the grand prize.

I.M.M.A states in its competition conditions that the purpose of this game is to promote the sale of numerologists’ studies and esoteric products.

Basically, all you are guaranteed to “win” for your $50 is a crisp $1 note and a lifetime of psychic letters imploring you to spend more money on useless computer generated numerology charts and other hogwash.

I.M.M.A’s “Moral Charter of Members of the Institute” reads:

“Becoming a Billionaire involves great moral value. Moreover, those who benefit from the N. Kingston method are committed not to using the sums won thanks to his method for reprehensible or illegal activities”.

Mmm, interesting how people twist so-called morals to suit their own purposes.