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Absolute Finance Pty Ltd

Binary Options Scam - Absolute Finance Pty Ltd

A number of Western Australians are seeking information on how to invest money risk free, for a fast return.  This gives scammers the ideal opening for discussions about their binary scam. 

We recently received a report about the loss of €300 Euro from the victim of a fake binary options trading scam.   The victim was contacted via Facebook by a Christopher William (purported Asset Manager) – from https://www.absolutefinanceinvestments.com and was convinced to invest money to their binary trading scam.  The victim has not been able to withdraw his earnings of €1260 Euro.  He has made numerous attempts to contact the company and the purported Asset Manager without success.


  • Be wary of any investments offering high returns with little risk.
  • Obtain independent financial advice before committing any money.
  • Only use operators with an Australian Financial Services license or who are authorised by an AFS licensee.
  • Check on the ASIC website for more information on investing. 
  • Advice on binary options and other investments can be found on ASIC’s Moneysmart website.


WA investors who have given money to Absolute Finance Pty Ltd should contact Consumer Protection by email or by calling 1300 304 054.