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Conex Inc.

A news paper with a pen and glasses lying on top of itGet a great job, even if you can't write a proper English sentence.

"Hello, it's Karen Lemley from Conex Inc. Conex Inc is a financial service company looking for people to work at home or to join it with part-time position."

Karen continues a little later in an email received by a ScamNet reader "but we are all greed about a better future and easy income, and that's how we fall in their pits."

What? Actually, the 'greed' bit is about the only honest word in the whole email and it's a mistake!

The entire email is poorly written from beginning to end and this is often a give away that you are dealing with a scam. (Apart from the fact that it is very unlikely that a human resources manager would be emailing you 'out of the blue'.)

Some clues here are that Karen's email address starts with the name Tommy and clearly comes from Japan. We are more than happy to admit that here at WA ScamNet our Japanese isn't nearly as good as Tommy's English, but Tommy is obviously not a 'HR manager' in a financial services company.

He's a scammer and possibly associated with organised crime.

The way the scam works is that they say that they will need to transfer money into your bank account before moving it on elsewhere. In return you receive a percentage of the amount as payment.

It's called money laundering and it is illegal.

If you get involved you may run foul of the law.

That's where YOU come in. Their money passes through your account, dressed up as honest financial transactions, and then they get it transferred back into their account as clean and legitimate.

Don't do it. Ever.