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Hilton Metropolitan Hotels

Fake employment at Hilton Metropolitan Hotels Australia

We recently received a report in relation to a job seeker who received an email from “Hilton Metropolitan Hotels Australia” (info@hiltonmetropolitanholtels.com) offering her a job at Double Tree by Hilton. She was told that the Hilton would cover the charges for her visa and flight and that any other travel costs would be reimbursed within her first week of working in Australia.

The job seeker was told she would be contacted by the Hilton’s Immigration Attorney to arrange visas. She was also advised to contact the website (chanchambers.com) whom she now knows to be fake.

Chan Chambers then contacted the victim claiming they will be processing her request and dealing with the visa, affidavits and working permit.  The victim was sent a document directing that $730 be paid via Western Union to a person in Cambodia.

Fake websites can initially appear legitimate however upon further investigation you will notice irregularities.  Things to look out for in a fake website include; spelling mistakes, using images that belong to someone else and having a brand new domain name. 

Tips to avoid employment scams

  • Report anyone trying to charge you to find employment.
  • Guard your personal information including your CV, tax file number and any proof of identity documentation, such as any images or scans of your passport. This is all the information required for criminals to commit identity theft.
  • Be suspicious when responding to job vacancy advertisements. Carry out some independent research. A simple online search or phone call may be enough to confirm that a business, company or trading premises does not exist or is being impersonated.
  • All employment and recruitment agents must be licensed in Western Australia and are not permitted to charge job seekers for their services. They can only charge fees from the employer. For your own protection only use licensed employment agents. You can search for a licensed agent on the Consumer Protection website.


  • Do not pay money upfront to secure a job, whether it is for training, equipment, transport or accommodation. Itis not normal industry practice and is likely to be a scam.
  • You can report scams or ask for further advice from WA ScamNet by email or call 1300 304 054.