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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigation

An example of an FBI scam email with the FBI logo in it.We have seen scam emails aleging to be from the FBI before.  This time an email from Professor Charles C Soludo, who we believe is actually the Executive Governor of the Bank of Nigeria, is the start of an elaborate four-part advance fee fraud scam. The first part of the scam tells recipients they have a contract/inheritance payment of US$5 million waiting to be transferred to them via automatic teller machine.

Unfortunately the maximum you can withdraw is US$5,000 a day. By our reckoning it would take a trip to your local ATM every day for three years to empty your account. To receive the ATM card and PIN number and to finalise part two, recipients are told to call Dr Michael Brown in Nigeria and give him personal details to enable shipment of the card.

The scammers then implement part three of the scam. Several days after receiving the email from the fictitious Professor Soludo, recipients then hear from US Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller telling them they have been dealing with impostors claiming to be Professor Soludo and the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Protocol Officer David Green.

In his email, Director Robert Mueller informs recipients that they have been approved to now receive a staggering US$30 million (remember the original amount was US$5 million) if they call a phone number in the US and leave a series of codes and account numbers on, we assume, an answering machine. The money has then been sent to the Bank of America.

Part four of the scam involves a final phone call – or email – this time to the (supposedly) real Central Bank of Nigeria Protocol Officer, David Green, in Nigeria. Mr Green then advises recipients how the millions can be transferred to their account. We suspect this is where Mr Green pressures people to spend several hundred dollars to assist in the transfer of the millions.

ScamNet strongly encourages you to ignore any request to send money, email or phone the number in the US or David Green in Nigeria and report any further communications received to [ Article KFVHNRWQSQZRLEF5P63HLDFVNMUO1S not found.]