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Felix Moorehouse and Jerry Connors



Travelling Conmen


IMAGE:  Felix Moorehouse and Jerry Connors

NSW Fair Trading has been successful in preventing a known conman from re-entering Australia. On request from Fair Trading investigators, Department of Immigration officials stopped 24 year old Jerry (Gerard) Connors, at Perth airport on 17 January 2013. Mr Connors was served with 18 Court Attendance Notices and tuned away from entering the country.

Update 27 August 2015
Department of Commerce releases a statement identifying ringleaders Felix Moorehouse and John Murphy

Mr Connors is alleged to have breached the Australian Consumer Law and the NSW Home Building Act in scams at Hornsby Heights, Dulwich Hill, Canterbury, Narrara and Condell Park in 2011.

The second man, Felix Moorehouse, 33 years of age, was served with five Court Attendance Notices as he entered Australia at Melbourne airport. Mr Moorehouse is required to attend Parramatta Local Court on 15 February.

Mr Moorehouse is alleged to have breached the Australian Consumer Law and the NSW Home Building Act at South Penrith in September 2011.

He was previously issued with four fines worth $1,900 from NSW Fair Trading for offences against the NSW Home Building Act and the Business Names Act, committed at Concord.

Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe said both men are involved in a gang of Irish travellers who have been on the radar of the national travelling conmen taskforce for some years.

Until the commencement of the national campaign and coordinated efforts with police and federal authorities, travelling conmen crossed national and interstate borders with impunity.

“In 2010, NSW Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts established this taskforce and has led a relentless national strategy against travelling conmen and we are determined to continue to track these gangs and hold them accountable for their crimes against vulnerable Australians,” Mr Stowe said.

Felix Moorehouse left Australia in late 2011 following a raid conducted by Fair Trading and NSW Police at Bass Hill Caravan Park in Sydney. Jerry Connors left in April 2012.

three trades people all looking similar and a question as to whether or not you can spot which one is a conman

Stop Travelling conmen

With the arrival of summer in WA we also see travelling conmen turning up on people’s doorsteps, or in shopping centre car-parks. Consumer Protection’s message is clear: shut the door on travelling traders and drive back-of-van salespeople out of business and visit the Stop Travelling Conmen Facebook page and check the interactive map for reports of travelling conmen.