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Iraq Millions

Iraq Millions

Sgt Shirley Osborne, a U.S. Marine from the 1st Armored Division, would have us believe she knows the whereabouts of millions of dollars left by fleeing Iraqi regime leaders.

In 2003, US troops discovered more than $765 million in U.S. currency and 90 million Euros in 195 metal boxes.

Sgt Osborne is so desperate to rope somebody into helping, she has mass emailed Western Australians.

WA ScamNet has a bombshell for you Sgt Osborne – Western Australians are not about to become casualties to this latest twist on the Nigerian/advance fee fraud email.

WA ScamNet doubts Sgt Osborne even exists. The scammer behind this email has sent out a teasing email saying he or she wants to share highly personal classified information about the time she spent serving in the Marines.

The email refers people to a link to a 2003 news report on the BBC News website which details how troops discovered $750 million. The news story reports that the money is being held in a secure location. Military officials questioned five US soldiers after some of the money was allegedly stolen following its discovery.

If you reply to this email, the scammer will string you along with some story about needing money to pay off corrupt officials or to transfer the money out of the country. They usually start off requesting small amounts of money, and the requests gradually get larger as the victim becomes entangled in the scam.

The latest version of this email purports to come from Captain Philip Coleman who claims to have $6.8 million that needs to be transferred through the Bank of Baghdad in Iraq. The email even includes a picture of two suitcases full of American dollars.

Pity the poor Marine whose picture is included in the email. A man goes off to war to fight on behalf of his country and some scammer uses his picture as a means to rip off consumers. It is a dirty war that scammers are engaged in.

Advance fee frauds are one of the most common scams sent to WA ScamNet and come in various disguises from lotteries to the Princess Diana Promo.