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Mail seizure - 18 scams named

Mail seizure - 18 scams named

Following an announcement in April 2013 about a record haul of scam mail seized Consumer Protection has named 18 different scams contained within the 100,000 letters.

Once suspected scam mail is seized, the sender must be contacted and given a chance to provide a reason why the mail should not be destroyed.

The senders of the mail scams named below have not responded to date (October 2013).The contents of the scams vary.

There are false claims about health treatments and weight loss products, prizes and lotteries that don’t exist and parcel notifications seeking a fee for luxury items which will never be delivered.

  • American Property Bureau (also see previous naming previous naming)

  • Bio Sana (also see previous naming)

  • Brooks and Company (also see previous naming)

  • Express Awards

  • Global Issuance Services

  • Global Parcel Post

  • Greenfield Associates

  • I.E.F/Professor Douglas

  • Kingston & Strathmore (also see previous naming)

  • Maitre Norbu and his Student Sonam (see previous Maetre Norbu warning)

  • Michelle Devon

  • Mineralis Versand (see previous Mineralis warning)

  • Monetary Controls Office (see previous naming)

  • PB Versand/Charisma

  • Perfect Health

  • Prize Information Exchange

  • Professional Promotion

  • V.G.S. Institute